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Chakra Activation Bracelets


Chakra Activation bracelets are made from silver plated, sterling silver, crystal and gemstone findings and fit the average wrist. 

Choose the chakra which needs balancing, activating and your intentions. 

Each bracelet comes with an affirmation and prayer to be recited each time you wear the necklace.

Bracelets are $15.00, plus $3.50 for shipping and can be ordered by emailing Be sure to include which chakra you want, along with your address and phone number. Invoices can be paid via PayPal after you have completed your order.

Crown Chakra Bracelet


Crown Chakra Style 1

Third Eye Chakra Bracelets

Third Eye 4.jpg
Third Eye 4.jpg

Third Eye Chakra Style 1

Third eye.jpg

Third Eye Chakra Style 2

Throat Chakra Bracelet


Throat Chakra Style 1

Heart Chakra Bracelet


Heart Chakra Style 1

Solar Plexus Chakra Bracelets

Solar 2.jpg
Solar 2.jpg

Solar Plexus Chakra Style 1

Solar Shoot.jpg

Solar Plexus Chakra Style 2

Sacral Chakra Bracelets

Sacral 3.jpg
Sacral Shoot.jpg
Sacral Shoot 2.jpg

Sacral Chakra Style 1

Sacral Chakra Style 2

Sacral Chakra Style 3

Root Chakra Bracelet


Root Chakra Style 1

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