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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Archangels?

Archangel Michael - The Cosmic Leader: Provides guidance  toward your life purpose. His presence is very BIG, it is hard not to recognize a shift in energy when he enters a space.


Archangel Gabriel - The Divine Messenger: Call upon Gabriel  for assistance with all forms of communication. He can help you  make a decision when you are faced with two different directions to take. And, after you have chosen the pathway for your journey Gabriel will cheer   you on and give you the confidence to follow that path. 


Archangel Raphael - The Holy Leader: Emotional and physical healer. Assists   healers and caregivers of the sick. Raphael can be called upon whenever you are concerned about the health of someone, simply ask for special care and healing. 


Archangel Haneal - The Sacred Warrior: The archangel of strength and vitality. Haneal can be called upon anytime you are feeling low or in need of inner strength. Haneal will assist you in climbing the highest mountain or the rockiest terrain.


Archangel Jophiel - The Holy Liberator: This playful and joyful archangel reminds us to slow down, not push ourselves so hard that we lose sense of who we are and to appreciate the people in our lives who are precious to us.


Archangel Metatron - The Supernal Teacher: The archangel who helps souls crossover. Metatron is like a booking agent who logs our comings and goings and keeps track of our life lessons.


Archangel Raziel - The Divine Mysteries: Call upon Raziel to act as your tutor in higher learning.


Archangel Sandalphon - The Sacred Guardian: Carrier of prayers, guards your dreams, wishes, and prayers, lifting them up to the heavens. Serves as a bridge between earth and higher realms.


Archangel Shamael - The Divine Guide: The angel of transitions. Shamael can be called upon when you are at a crossroads or are being led to approach life differently. Can ease the shock of grief from death or divorce, helping us to mend hurts, discard broken pieces, and rebuild our lives anew.


Archangel Uriel - The Divine Companion: Inventor and problem solver. Call upon to awaken or stimulate your mind.


Archangel Zadkiel - The Divine Comforter: Call upon for protection anytime you are experiencing fear or feeling vulnerable. This angel, full of love, wants you to keep an open heart and not to be fearful.

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