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Gena P. -

       Toni is a glorious light whose readings reflect the love that flows from the angelic realm. She brings great comfort to those whose loved ones have passed and connects with clarity and accuracy. Her intuition and mediumship abilities compliment her huge heart, and a reading with Toni is like receiving a comforting spiritual hug. She amazes me every time!


Ray J. -

       I have had the pleasure of being with her. Chills! And truths are revealed hours later. Very cool.


Holly F. -

       Did an awesome medicine wheel this afternoon and was directed from Antonia, she truly has a gift that is from a higher power to help heal/tech others. What comes to her is so pin pointed to the persons exact thought/feelings. Truly gifted and I will be recommending her to every one and will also be hosting a party in the near future

Jessica G. -

      Anastasia is absolutely amazing! My reading was on point and what I needed! I couldn’t believe the things she said to me. I was amazed. I absolutely love this woman!


Bill S. - 

      Wow! You have been blessed with a profound gift! Our session has left me with such hope and peace. When you mentioned the trains and the violin relative to my father, I got chills. I am about to say my first rosary. I have also prepared a container of the blessed salt/Epson salt combo for when I bathe tonight. 

I truly LOVED our session and got so much from it. I felt like it was a mini course in spiritual healing. You are amazing and it is obvious that in addition to your God-given gift, you have studied intensively and extensively. I am genuinely blinded by your light.

"Thank you" will never do. What I needed more than anything today was a sense of hope, but you gave me so much more, both litereally and figuratively. I am grateful beyond adequate adjectives.


Barbara W. -

      I am so grateful to have you in my life at this time.


Suz H. -

      Upon first meeting Antonia, I immediately felt comfortable, welcomed and safe. She is extremely talented when reading and interpreting angel cards. Antonia has strong intuition, she's also loving, kind, and always communicates open with me during our sessions. I always look forward to seeing Antonia! She is a truly amazing woman!


Michael M. -

      I've had a few readings with Antonia this far, and I have to state that her abilities are always extremely accurate, fully compassionate and full of love! She truly communicates with the heavenly realm.


Nancy K. -

      I've known Antonia for more than two decades and was not aware of her particular talent until last year when I called in to her radio podcast and she proceeded to give me the most amazing message from my grandmother. Something to tell my Aunt that I had no knowledge of and made her cry! Such an amazing gift and we are blessed she shares with us! I continue to reach out for guidance. Thank-you!


Victoria M. -

      Antonia is clear and accurate in her readings. She was on point with our with my current situation and I would definitely go see her again. Thanks for the readings Antonia!

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